The Main Benefits of Office 365 To Your Business

With the advent of smart phones, tablets and laptops, it means that company managers can now be in constant contact with their business 24/7. As a result Microsoft’s Office 365does exactly what it says on the package. It allows you, by way of a software package, to manage your everyday business 365 days a year.


All of which is done by plugging in to a centralised data centre from wherever you are in the world. Apart from accessibility, what are the other benefits of the Microsoft package?


Greater productivity generation with Office 365

Microsoft have invested heavily into making the whole experience incredibly user friendly and it has been stressed by Microsoft, that ‘using their system will increase your productivity’. ‘Productivity’ is a real buzz word that’s being banded about lately and the word is often used with alarming regularity. However it all boils down to this question… Can you make my job any easier? Microsoft believes it can. The user and administrative areas are incredibly simple to use and to navigate and even the most complex of tasks can be done with relative ease.


No more emailing files and documents

If you decide to make changes from your laptop, tablet or smart phone whilst in the comfort of your own home, then no longer do you have to file/save it and then send it across to a colleague for viewing. Instead Office 365 allows your colleagues to view the changed file from wherever they may be, on whatever device they may be looking at. In addition because the document lives in the cloud, you can set parameters allowing only restricted viewing and as a result, you still have total control over ‘for your eyes only’ information. The ‘sharepoint’ feature allows collaborative changes to documents in real time so that several people can work on one document at any one time.


Robust security measures

Losing important documentation, whether it be ‘in the cloud’ or not, can leave companies with a real headache. Microsoft Office 365 has further strengthened its security features, leaving you safe in the knowledge that you have total control over where your documentation is and who views it.

In essence Office 365 is designed with the 21st century business in mind and whilst there are other office packages out there that do a similar job, it seems that Microsoft have really though about their product and it’s impact on the end user…namely you!





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