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Security Vulnerability in Internet Explorer – Windows XP killer?

Posted by: Computer Solutions, On: April 28, 2014

  Is today when Windows XP really starts to disappear?   Microsoft has published details of a flaw in all versions of Internet Explorer. There is currently no patch available to mitigate the effects of this vulnerability. When such a … Continue reading

Software Updates for Windows : How important are they?

Posted by: Computer Solutions, On: January 3, 2013

We are all familiar with programs and operating systems prompting us that there are software updates available, a lot of people see these prompts as a nuisance and ignore them but really these should be given more attention.   A … Continue reading

Windows 8 in the workplace

Posted by: Computer Solutions, On: November 23, 2012

We’ve installed Windows 8 Professional to a number of desktops and laptops of varying age here in our office. It takes a little while to get used to the new GUI, especially with dual monitors as the “swipe to the … Continue reading